Ed Murray Photography

    Welcome to Ed Murray Photography. I'm a Boston area photographer available for shooting events such as concerts, birthday and engagement parties. Photography has been and always will be a passion of mine. I view camera is an extension of myself and I invite you so explore my website and view the world as I see it through my lens. Feel free to call me at 617-285-5130 or email me at Ed.murray@allenlund.com - Thank you for visiting!


    Rachael: Introducing my friend Rachael....She was a bit apprehensive with me taking her picture (I guess all of us are a bit self-conscious about how we view ourselves to a degree ) but I told her that if she didn't like the shot then I'd be more than happy to delete it. I really wanted to use my strobe but we were at a pool match and the light would have distracted the shooters. Oh well - maybe next time. I ended up shooting this at F5.0 --- .025s ---- ISO 3200

    I will be gone for a little over 2 weeks (Going on vacation!!!! - We're taking the kids on a Disney Cruise and to Florida!) See you in a little over 2 weeks!!!!!


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